Tile Calculator

Tiling Your Home: A Guide to Measuring Walls and Floors

Thinking about tiling your floors or walls? Here’s a quick guide to measuring the area you’ll be tiling:


  1. Measure, Multiply, Conquer: Grab your tape measure and find the room’s width and depth (length). Multiply these two numbers to get the square footage (or square meters) of your floor.


  1. Measure Each Wall: For each wall you’ll be tiling, take its width and height measurements.
  2. Area for Each Wall: Multiply the width and height of each wall to find its individual area.
  3. Total Wall Area: Add up the areas of all the walls you’ll be tiling to get the total wall area.

Need Help?

If you get stuck with the calculations, feel free to call our team at (02) 9709 5836 or email us sales@showtile.com.au for assistance.

Tile Calculator

Dealing with Doors and Windows:

No need to waste tiles on doorways or windows! Simply multiply the width by the height of each opening and subtract that area from your total wall area (for each wall with an opening).

Adding a Buffer for Cuts:

Cutting tiles often leads to some waste. To account for this, add an extra 10% to your total area (both floor and walls) to ensure you have enough tiles.


This is an estimate! It’s always best to have a professional like a builder or tiler confirm your measurements before you buy tiles.