XL Marvel Shine

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Product Description

Made in Italy

PRODUCT TYPE – Absolute Marble Look Porcelain Slab

Marvel Shine is inspired by the white marble of Italian artistic tradition, exploring new surfaces that are unique in their purity, color, and brightness. A tribute to the pure beauty of Italian white marble


Four light tones inspired by the finest varieties of Calacatta and Statuario marbles and distinguished by a bright white background. The surface is traversed by warm or cool veins depending on the variety of marble, the total-white look enhancing applications on the wall, floor, and even on furnishings, not to mention combinations with other colors and accents of the Marvel collections.


Calacatta Delicato – 17 different faces design

Calacatta Prestigio – 17 different faces design

Calacatta Imperiale – 22 different faces design

Statuario Supremo – 22 different faces design


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Marvel Shine Catalogue